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Just as with raising children, hosting is not always easy.  Because of the unique challenges and opportunities for each child, we define success by our obedience to God’s calling to care for vulnerable children. It helps to make that your focus, and remember that we are called to give grace and love well.

Tips for Hosting Children

Becoming a Host Family is one of the most amazing ways you can impact the life of a child.  Follow these tips on how to host a child.

How should I prepare?


Safe Families for Children provides online training through our database for all volunteer types.  Click here then click on “Community Hub” to access training. You will need a password provided by our Volunteer Coordinator.  For best results, you will want to use Google Chrome to login.

Lost or Missing Password?

If you do not remember or cannot find your login, email a request to reset your password to Indiana@safefamilies.net.

Be Mindful of Universal Precautions

As you share your home, we want to make sure you create a safe environment and that you don’t unintentionally share germs!

  • Consider washing the child’s clothing as they enter your home
    • You can show them the laundry room on a tour of the house and say, “Go ahead and leave your stuff here and we’ll make sure it all gets cleaned right away!”
  • Make sure that hosted children have their own hairbrush and toothbrush
  • Bathe children separately of your own children
  • Clean sheets before and after your guest is there
  • Report any rashes or unusual findings to your case coach
  • Practice good hand-washing with diaper changes, toileting, and meals

Your Support System while Hosting a Child

Your Church

The goal of our ministry is to support and empower the local church to embrace families hosting children.  If your church has a ministry lead, that person can help connect you resources you may need (e.g. meals, transportation, respite care, etc.)

If your church does not have a ministry lead, contact our intake line at (317) 519-3839 or email Indiana@safefamilies.net with your need.


It is possible that the children you will host will bring very limited possessions with them.  If you need clothing, contact Lambswear at (317) 721-1664 or complete and order form by clicking here.

How do I know when there is a child in need of a home?

  • There are several ways to be proactive in finding out about our needs!
  • Contact your church ministry lead, letting them know you are available for placement.
  • Follow us on Twitter! If you already have a Twitter account, simply “follow” us at “SafeFamiliesIN.”
    • Click here for instructions on how to set up a Twitter account to follow Safe Families and receiving tweets via text message