Safe Families for Children


Part-time Family Coach Needed

Job Description

Position: Family Coach

Supervisor: Safe Families Director

Classification: Part-time/hourly

Position Summary:

The Safe Families for Children Family Coach bears responsibility for the monitoring of children and supporting parents, coordinating services.

Core Responsibilities:

1. Facilitate the relationship between the placing and host parent.

2. Work in partnership with referral source, families and volunteers to identify and facilitate support requirements in order to support the family in making progress to meet their identified goals.

3. Agree with families the aims and the purpose of your involvement setting out through an agreement clear goals and improvements expected from the support.

4. Work with families and other agencies to develop and coordinate the delivery of a support plan, continually assessing changes in family circumstances and reviewing risk and support needs as appropriate.

5. Engage and maintain effective supportive relationships with volunteers and families, working in a way which empowers these parents and families.

6. Support volunteers to advocate on behalf of families in relation to services and agencies.

7. Work with the Intake Coordinator to create and maintain accurate and secure records for the referred families.

8. Ensure host families and other volunteers are working within Safe Family guidelines.

9. Ensure volunteers are working to support safety of all children and vulnerable adults within your caseload.

10. Assist in the Safe Family selection, transportation, and placement of children into host family homes and other supportive services with Safe Family volunteers.

11. Facilitate volunteers providing reasonable efforts for biological parents through on-going assessment and referrals. Ensure volunteers are working effectively with parents to help them improve parenting skills and fulfill the plan to effectively care for their children. Effectively move cases toward return home.

12. Conduct and document regular phone calls and home visitations to Safe Family homes to coach Safe Families on placement issues and to provide somebody they can process their experience with.

13. Maintain a positive working relationship with Safe Family parents to provide support and encouragement for a high standard of care.

14. Assessment for and referral to all services needed for the children, including the biological and Safe Families parents. Co-ordinate and facilitate communication between service providers.

15. Help to ensure that aftercare services are offered to families and that placing and host families remain connected.

16. Active involvement with CQI activities/requirements including service surveys, file reviews, etc.

17. Assist with transport of children to and from Safe Families placement and visits with parents as needed.

18. Conduct home studies of Safe Families applicants if needed.

19. Any other duties as may be assigned.


Required qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience:

• Good all round education with a qualification in working with children and families


Desirable knowledge and skills:

• Can demonstrate competence in working with families often in difficult circumstances.

• Can demonstrate competence in completing risk assessments relating to working with families with complex needs.

• Strong in empathy and sensitive interpersonal skills, tact and discretion.

• Knowledge and experience of good practice standards in relation to children and families, in particular with regard to achieving positive outcomes and promoting their welfare.

• Experience of working with children and families in a community setting.

• Team player.

• Able to drive and with own transport.

• Good problem solving skills.

• Excellent communication skills.

• Flexibility to respond to a changing environment, travel and work demands of the role.



• Pass a criminal background check

• Pass a child abuse and neglect screening

• Updated driver’s license and auto insurance


For more information or to apply, please email Gina at