Safe Families for Children


About Our Chapter

Our Families

IMG_8308We currently have over 400 Host Families serving Central Indiana. They are supported by a team of volunteers who provide services of transportation, mentoring, employment assistance or tangible items such as diapers, car seats or meals.
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Our Churches

Central Indiana churches play a significant role in recruiting and supporting their people to serve parents in crisis. Churches of all sizes and various denominational or non-denominational backgrounds are active partners with Safe Families for Children of Central Indiana.

Our volunteers come from the smallest to largest congregations, as all followers of Jesus are awakening to the urgent need of struggling families in our own cities and towns.

Our Team

Although our amazing volunteers are the ones who take the movement of Safe Families for Children into the community, they are supported by a professional staff.  Our staff passionately invest their lives in engaging churches, building the base of volunteers, transitioning children, family coach supervision, vetting and training volunteers and so much more.

Chapter Sites ImageIn additional to our professional staff in Indianapolis to support Central Indiana, we also have chapter sites located throughout Indiana.

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Portrait of Kris Keys - Assistant Director

Kris Keys - Assistant Director

Portrait of Lanna Blanchard - Family Coach Supervisor

Lanna Blanchard - Family Coach Supervisor

Portrait of Alex Kessler - Director of Intake

Alex Kessler - Director of Intake

Why Alex Serves Safe Families for Children:

Alex has a passion for both Christ and helping children in need. She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work, and she now fulfills her calling by connecting vulnerable families with resources and making sure that children always have a safe family.

Primary Responsibilities:
- Training and Managing Intake and Crisis Line Volunteers
- Training and assigning Family Coaches
- Screening current needs to make sure that Safe Families is the best service for the placing family
- Managing the process to match children in need with volunteer families

Contacting Alex:
To reach Alex, email

Portrait of Suzanne Kellam - Family Coach/Community Engagement Supervisor

Suzanne Kellam - Family Coach/Community Engagement Supervisor

Suzanne received her Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries with a minor in Family Science from Anderson University. She received her Masters of Arts from Indiana Wesleyan University in Student Development Counseling and Administration in 2013. For the past three years Suzanne has directed the Human Resources department at Church of God Ministries supervising the department as a whole and dealing primarily with employee relations; conflict management, professional development and leadership coaching and counseling. Suzanne serves her local church in many capacities as her husband, Ryan Kellam, is the senior pastor at Pendleton Community Church of God. Suzanne has a heart for families and believes that restoration can happen in so many situations with the help of what Safe Families can provide for not just the children but for parents as well.

Portrait of Daphne Valier-Harris - Ministry Leads

Daphne Valier-Harris - Ministry Leads

Why Daphne Serves Safe Families for Children:

I love having the opportunity to be part of a movement of College Park Church helping to care for the most vulnerable people group in our society, our vulnerable children and their families through partnering with Safe Families for Children.

Primary Responsibilities
- Coaching Indianapolis Area Ministry Leads
- The primary liaison between the Safe Families agency and the College Park Church community of Host Families/Volunteers
- Develop and facilitate an infrastructure of support for College Park Church volunteers in the Safe Families for Children movement
- Ensure all the aspects of Safe Families is being fulfilled by the College Park Church team.
- Supervision of College Park Church family coaches
- Encouraging volunteers to support one another in the shared mission of serving the families who come to Safe Families for help, empowering other church members to implement activities of support
- Communicate with pastoral staff to ensure ongoing participation in the Safe Families for Children movement

Contacting Daphne:
To reach Daphne, email